Powerkiten/Vliegeren Scheveningen

Powerkiting Scheveningen

Let yourself drag down trough the sand! Kite with big and controllable kite! During the activity you will use bigger kites every time. Powerkiting is the precursor of kitesurfing!

Powerkiting Scheveningen

Enjoy the wind and kite with a matrass kite form Peter Lynn. Powerkiting is the ulimate challenge for everybody who likes wind and sand. The bigger the kite the greater the traction. Everybody can powerkite, because we have all kind of sizes in kites. When you master powerkiting you may go land-boarding or kite-surfing in the future!

Powerkiting is easy to combine with other activities we provide. Let us help you with the organization of you team outing.

Powerkiten Scheveningen Powerkiten

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