Teamuitje Scheveningen

Teamouting Scheveningen 

Would you like to organise a fun team outing for you department or organisation? A-Way Events & Wellness is specialized in organizing event from 10 to 1000 people! From some activity to whole weekend packages. A-Way Events works together with different locations in The Hague and Scheveningen. Think about the Kyocera Stadium or Madurodam in The Hague. You also could use different beachclubs and hotels in the surrounding. 

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Hieronder een aantal voorbeelden van A-Way Events haar Teamuitjes. 

Teamouting Archery 

Get acquainted with this ancient sport. Learn about the right attitude and techniques so you can aim the arrows to the target. Archery is a fun activity to do with friends and colleagues!

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 teamuitje boogschieten

Teamouting Bubble Football

Bubble Football is fun to play with friends and colleagues. It's just like a normal soccergame, but the players are located in big inflatable balls. Nothing can go wrong. Crashing, laughing and screeming will go together during this game! Fun is guaranteed. 

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 Teamuitje Bubble voetbal

Teamouting blokarting

A blokart is a land yacht for the beach. You manage and operate the sail with your hands. Before you know it you're driving at high speed on the hard sand. Blokarten is possible from wind 3. Please contact us to organize a Team Outing yachting / blokarting.

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Teamuitje Blokarten

Teamouting Beachvolleyball

Enjoy this popular teamsport on the beach. Join a challenging volleyball league in the sand. A great idea to do together with your friends, family or colleagues.

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teamuitje beachvolleyball

Teamouting Disc Golf

Disc Gofl is the frisbee version of Golf. Disc Golf is possible to play in beautifull surrounding, like the beach, the dunes and in parks. Excellent as team outing!

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Teamuitje Discgolf 

Teamouting powerkiting/kiting

Powerkiting / Kiting is the ultimate challenge for anyone who loves beach and wind. We have power kites in different sizes that provide a lot of fun! Test your skills by taking advantage of different tricks, or to make a jump.

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Teamuitje Powerkiten 

 Teamouting sailing

Saling is an active, but also relaxing activity. Teambuiling, personal challenge and fun are the most important during this sportive activity. Choose a fun and sporting outing!

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 Teamuitje Zeezeilen

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