Screen Printing Workshop

An awesome workshop in Scheveningen harbour. You'll learn the basics of screen printing and will leave the shop with your self-designed, handmade T-shirt!

Screen Printing

We start with instructions from our screen printing professional. When everybody is up-to-date on the do's and dont's of screen printing you'll move on in teams, pairs or solo. Together we'll decide on the theme(s) which will the basis of our designs. Declaring the themes can be an excellent way to express the pilars of your organization.

Screen Printing Workshop

This workshop is ideal for teambuilding and is easily accessible. In short everyone can participate! The creative designing process creates a convivial and fun environment, which makes it an excellent company activity, teambuilding event, group outing or break from a meeting. Not in the mood to come to Scheveningen? No worries, we'll bring the workshop to you!

Creative Screen Printing

Screen printing is an inspirational activity where creativity and teambuilding are at the forefront. You'll learn the basic techniques after which you can print your design all by yourself. Ofcourse you can take your creations home with you as a record of your newly adapted skill.

Number of persons
From 2 to 20
T-shirt with selfmade print!

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