The art of self-defense! Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art developed by Morihei Ueshiba as a synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy, and religious beliefs. Ueshiba's goal was to create an art that practitioners could use to defend themselves while also protecting their attacker from being injured.


Looking for a fun and sportive team outing? Aikido is perfect! There is a lot of attention during this Aikido clinic to the philosophical principles of the art defense. Aikido is also very well applicable in daily practice. For example, in the office, in meetings, phone calls, but also at home or during sports.


Aikido is a fun and very inspiring activity with you colleagues, friends or family. Aikido is suitable a corporate outing, team outing or friends getaway. a professional instructor will teach you the basic techniques. Moreover, you will learn how to defend yourself. 

Aikido clinic 

During this clinic you will learn the underlying thought of the philosophical aspect from this Martial Art. Aikido is an active, fun and inspiring activity for you and your colleagues.

Number of persons
From 8 to 100
1 hour 30 min

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