Would you like to organize a vitality square? 

At a vitality square you lay a foundation for your colleagues or employees to inspire them how to be fit and energetic. And also like to be able to continue to perform the entrepreneur or marathon racer with great pleasure and good health. It should not only be fun but is also focused on the physical and mental part of the employee. 

We offer various activities to establish a vitality square. Depending on the needs and focus, we will organize a special program for you company. Activities you can think of: 

  • Healthcheck; within a few minutes you will know how healthy you are. Inclusive heath passport
  • Active reading: 'carbohydrates, friend or foe', 'wich livestyle suits me best', and an active reading: 'this is how you lay, stand and walk.'
  • BOSU-introduction: Core Stability Training with a BOSU-ball. Mini work-out to improve your abdominal and back muscles. Because of this training you will improve your posture and it will be easier to sit down and/or lift at work. 
  • Sports clinics; table tennis, nordic walking, chi-kung, tai-chi, salsa, boxing, bootcamp, yoga, pilates, etc. 
  • Smoothies and vocktails; a vocktail is a healthy cocktail without alcohol. During this workshop you'll get a clear explanation about vocktails and smoothies and you'll learn what a healthy diet is and what makes nutrition vital. 
  • Milndfullnes; workshop/introduction about mindfulness.
  • Energizer; short inspiring boost and teambuilding during a work day. 
  • Work- life balance; improved efficiency in you work and more fun in what you're doing. 
  • Personal trainer; inclusive sheets for the employees. 
  • Lifestylecoach; ask all your questions to the lifestylecoach. You're nog alone. 
  • Chair massage
  • Advise about your posture; walking, sitting, sleeping pushing and pulling
  • Diatitian.


You also want to encourage people to get involved as much as possible in the activities. How do you do that? Ask us to help you with inspiration and success vitality square. The start to the healthy worker.

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