Live this moment, stand still for a moment!


Live this moment, stand still just when your life is hectic or hard. A mindfulness training gives you the tools to put this into practice. It's a skill training that contains a lot of exercise  besides some theory. The goal is to master the these exercises ( different kind of meditation exercises, body and sensory exercises and insight exercises regarding to automatism and patterns), so eventually this will become a part of your life.


The careful structure of the training and daily repetitions of the attention exercises helps you to find your own rhythm in mindfulness. There is space for sharing your experience and discussing the obstacles you have found in the exercises. 

"You can't restrain the waves, but you can learn how to surf. "

Does mindfulness work? 

Research proves that mindfulness had positive effects on stress, mental abilities, productivity and relationships at work.

People who are more mindfull:

  • Have less stress and negative thoughts
  • Quickly identify what's going on and how to deal with it
  • Experience postivie contacts with colleagues and communicate more easily
  • Can handle conflicts easier and better
  • Are more confident and vital
  • Are more attentive, creative have more focus and work better

In short; a mindfulness training takes care off a better physical and mental health. A mindfulness-training is therefore a common part of a human resources policy.  

Number of persons
From 6 to 12
2 hours

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