City Escape Game

Together with your team you enter the city. You have one goal! To catch the killer and find all the evidence to this awful crime. Do you think you can find it within the time limit? A-Way Events & Wellness stands for Teambuilding, Wellness & Fun.

City Escape Game 

Sunday morning 08:00- The Hague 

The dutch police finds a body in the city center. Everyone in the  neigbourhood is in shock. Who could have murdered this defensless old lady? There are some witnesses, but what do they know. What have they seen... 

Sonday morning 8:45 

You and you team. The most respected and honourable detectives enter the crime scene to investigate and solve this horrendous crime. Discover, learn and participate while you and you team dive in a murder senario, Find all the evidence that is scattered around the city center to solve this murder and give closue to the family. So walk around and find all the right clues to eventually accuse you suspect.

- Based on the populaire CityEscapeGame
- Great puzzles and challenges 
- Fantastic photo and video team challenges

- Available as a full custom game. 

Number of persons
From 8 to 100
Tablet, Mystery suitcase

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