Glow in the dark (beach)volleybal

Glow in the dark (beach)volleyball is de newest rage

Play glow in the dark (beach)volleyball in a indoor sports accommodation or indoor beach. Because of black-light light and glow-painting this event will be a whole new experience. 

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lLet yourself light-up in the dark during our glow in the dark (beach)volleyball matches and see how much fun it is to experience this sport in a different way. Very nice to experience this active and fun activity with a group of friends or colleagues. It will be hard to keep up the level of volleyball, surrounded by black-lights and covered with glow-painting, but this extra challenge creates a lot of extra fun during the activity. We work together with several location where we can organize the glow in the dark (beach)volleyball. We also organize tournament where anyone can subscribe to! Join this fun sport!


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