The imagination game

Outside the box The goal of the game of imagination is to carry out the assignments as well as possible so your team collects the attributes quicker than the others and win the game! A creative and active game.

A snack and a drink can be added to the program

The Imagination Game 

Searcing for a real team building activity? Than the imagination game is perfect! The aim of the imagination game is to accomplish the best commands to your team. It is a creative game with a high entertainment value. 

The Imgination Game as corporate outing

The Imagination Game is suitable as friend outing, team outing or corporate outing. It is an active and creativy game with lots of laugther guaranteed. Wich team will reach the finish line first? 

Game of imagination 

Activities include: Shadowplay, sharade, hints, questions e.g. Which team will get to the finish the quickest? Various indoor and outdoor locations throughout the Netherlands are possible. 

Number of persons
From 10 to 40
Outdoor, Indoor
Material and instructor(s)

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