Santa's Pubquiz The Hague

Test your Christmas knowledge! Who is the ultimate Christmas fanatic at your office? Test it with Santa's Pubquiz. An indoor activity which is guaranteed for a lot of fun! Santa takes you through different rounds of everything there is to know about Christmas and can even help you design your own Christmas quiz, tailormade for your company. A perfect activity to end the year with a lot of laughs, jokes and conviviality.

Santa's Pubquiz The Hague

Who on your team is always crazy about Christmas? Santa will test you on a variety topics like history, music and christmas movies with his Christmas pubquiz. Do you want to complete your Christmas reception with a fun and interactive activity and start that winter holiday with a big smile? Book Santa's pubquiz and enjoy the quiz with lots of laughter and fun! Santa is pleased to help you design a tailormade pubquiz for your team if you're looking for a fun way to test your co-workers or employees on this years results. Santa is flexible in the organization to suit Santa's pubquiz to your needs.

Santa's Pubquiz as a corporate outing 

Santa's Pubquiz can easily be adapted to your company and because of Santa's flexibility he can come to host the Santa pubquiz in The Hague, a Santa's pubquiz Amsterdam or a Santa's pubquiz Rotterdam. Not looking for the big city? This Christmas pubquiz comes everywhere! Santa finds great pleasure in coming to your pub, office or other venue.


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