Chi Kung

Chi Kung (Qi gong) or 'energy work' calmes your head and makes your body strong and agile. Chi Kung gives you a 'Body-Mind Connection'; Your thinking, feeling and acting merges into one.

Chi Kung 

With Chi Kung you learn different excercises and techniques in a calm and relaxed manner. A perfect way to bring body and mind back in harmony.


Chi Kung 

Chi Kung is a work out to unify body and mind. Through soft movements while being focused, the mind can come at ease and will enable us to feel the emotions in our body. Chi Kung helps to reduce stress and puts us in contact with our inner strenght. It also enlarges our self consciousness. Chi Kung works for everybody and is very suitable as a team building activity. 

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Number of persons
From 8 to 30
Outdoor, Indoor
1 hour 30 min

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