Ultimate Frisbee

Throwing, catching and scoring! An active but non-contact teamsport. A mix of football, basketball and american football. You will learn the basic techniques of this frisbee game in the clinic.

Locations you can choose from: Various forests and parks and along the Dutch coast

Ultimate Frisbee

At the begining of the clinic you will learn the basic techniques of frisbee by doing some excercises. You'll also learn different throwing techniques. We will also play the game in a competitive form. This game can be played on every surface.Various forests and parks and along the Dutch coast. 

Play Frisbee

During this clinic you will improve your own frisbee techniques. Moreover, frisbee and definately ulimate frisbee will improve your teamwork. This clinic is fun as corporate outing, group outing or friends getaway. 

Ultimate Frisbee

Cooperation and communication is within this frisbee game very important! Besides that frisbee is a fun game, because everybody can participate regardless of age and how sporty you're. Sing up together with you friends, family or colleagues! 

Number of persons
From 8 to 400
Outdoor, Indoor
1 hour 30 min
Materials and instructor(s)

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