Room2Meet Meeting place in the Hague

Meeting location and training opportunities with energizers in the morning or after lunch in the center of the Hague.

Meeting location in the centre of The Hague 

Room2Meet offers several options for meetingstrainings, meetings and drinks exclusive for your group.
Room2Meet is located within walking distance of The Hague Central Station. Parking is available (paid) as well as tram stops 9 directly in front of the door. This location is accessible and easy to get to the venue for each meeting, training of workshop.

Energizer, wake up or energetic break in a meeting

A-Way Events & Wellness offers together with Room2Meet 3 kinds of teambuilding activities.

  • Indoor-teambuilding activities
  • Outdoor-teambuilding activities
  • Relaxing

In our brochure we offer different opportunities to stay energetic during the day.  We give an energetic BOOST in the morning, lunch or during the drinks after the official meeting.  De energetic boost has a duration of 20 minutes till 2 hours. With our program the group will have more connection with each other, you will give attention to the fysical body en make them laugh. A meeting they will never forget. 

Click here for a selection of possibilities at Room2Meet with A-Way Events & Wellness.

Room2Meet taking care of the inner body

The owner (Laura) has a passion for cooking. She likes to take care of a suitable lunch, diner or borrelhap (snacks) for each training or meeting. All dishes are also freshly prepared in the kitchen beautiful. Meetings with vegetarian lunch, gluten-free snacks or sugar-free cake? It's all possible, since all "homemade" is.

Exclusive meetings in centre The Hague

With each reservation you are the only guest, so that different arrangements are possible. All meeting rooms have the same buzz; much daylight, bright and airy rooms and fully equipped. In addition, the location is ideal for training and workshops where group work is needed. By connecting rooms, it is easy to disperse in groups, to then come together again in the great hall Wilhelmina.

For more information click on the offer button below. 

Number of people
From 12 to 60
Meeting Location
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