Yoga & running training

Yoga and running are a perfect combination.

Yoga & running training 

Yoga and running training are a perfect combination. It fosters the right balance between physical endurance, strength, relaxation and flexibility. Running strengthens the body and your endurance. Yoga prevents physical complaints and sore muscles, improves concentration, breathing and makes the running more fun. Be different, try this yoga & race training!

Yoga & running training for novice runners 

For novice runner it is nice to start with the combination of yoga and running in order to prevent injuries. 50% of the novice runners stops training, because of walking through injuries. This can be avoided by starting with this course of twelve weeks. But also a introduction clinic is possible. 

Clinic yoga and running training 

Meet the new combination of yoga and running and try this clinic out. Accompied by a profesional instructor you'll work out for 1,5 hours. The instructor takes account to the right attitude during the clinic. Join run & yoga! 

Number of persons
From 8 to 16
1 hour 30 min

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