Running workout

Running sessions tailored for any level! Together with your colleagues you will be working under professional guidance in a responsible and healthy way.

Bring sports clothes and running shoes with you


Running is hot! The running workshop can be booked once only alternatively we could set up a program together to prepare for a running event.

Running as company outing

During the running workout you learn how to run better, smoother and faster under the supervision of different running coaches. Anyone can join; it does not matter whether you are young or old. Has your company already joined in the running workout?


Benefits of running

A walking exercise is a very good way to work on your general fitness. The training is suitable for both beginners and advanced runners, so everyone has a fun and challenging workout. And on top of everything, this clinic is also ideal to clear your mind!


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Number of persons
From 8 to 40
1 hour 30 min

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