Are you becoming the new Kick Boxing Champion? This cool and popular sport is now easy to experience as a teambuilding or training activity. Kickboxing clinics are always held in a safe and accessible manner. In this clinic we'll teach you the foundations of kickboxing in combination with strength and stamina exercises. Lessons are tailormade to your skills and experience and finished with controlled testing of eachothers skills through a round of technical sparring. Let's see who's the top apprentice and can become the real Kick Boxing Champ!

Kickboxing practice on every level!



Kickboxing combines punchingtechniques from Western boxing with kickingtechniques from Eastern martial arts like karate and Muay Thai. Kickboxing is still one of the fastest's growing sports in the Netherlands and is suitable for everyone: young or old, man or woman, fit or less fit, recreational or professional. Our workshop has a recreational and accesible fashion, but mind you that you will be challenged!

Kickboxing as a teamactivity

The workshop is hosted by one of our experienced instructors. You'll learn various kicking- and punchingtechniques, which we develop in to making different combinations. Besides being technichal, a Kickbox training is also a strength and conditioning practice. Kickboxing is challenging, informative and a lot of fun! Kickboxing workshops are excellent as groupoutings, teamoutings or a teambuilding activity. Kickboxing can be done on various locations indoors and outdoors. Imagine having a Kickboxing workshop on the beach!



Kickboxing techniques are thought and executed in a controlled fashion. The playfull sparring that is the finale of the lesson is also controlled. Our professional instructors are keen on the safety and joy of your workshop and therefore always keep the level of techniques and exercises within your range of capability. For a Kickboxing clinic we'll take care of boxing gloves, shinguards and mats in case necessary. The workshop Kickboxing is very informative and challenging, but also a lot of fun! Sweating and laughing are keyfactors in our Kickboxing workshops. Are you ready to put on the gloves? Contact us and toghter we'll organize a Kickboxing workshop fully adapted to your team! 


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