Hip Hop / Streetdance

Unleash the inner you! In general, many people became familiar with streetdancing through television. Up until today popular music channels broadcast a diversity of music videos in which we see this form of dancing. It is a mix of Funk, Jazz and Hip Hop inspired by the 80's.

Bring your sports shoes with you.

Hip Hop / Streetdance

Streetdance is a mix of funk, jazz and hip hop. They dance to the upbeat rhythm of R & B, rap and swing music. Do you want to learn the principles of this dance? Hip

Hop / Streetdance Workshop

Streetdance is not only practiced by young people but also the elderly and it is greatly enjoyed by both men and women. Anyone can participate!

Hip Hop / Streetdance outing

This workshop is ideal for teambuilding, company, friends getaway or bachelorette party. During this workshop you get a real choreography master.
Hip hop / street dance workshop will be given with enthusiasm and energized by a professional instructor.


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Number of persons
From 10 to 100
1 hour
Price per person
Overview per minimum and maximum number of persons
10 20 € 22,50 p.p.
21 40 € 20,00 p.p.
41 100 € 17,50 p.p.
The price depends on the size of the group, minimum costs are €250.00 excl VAT. For more participants or if you want a combination with several activities, request a customised quote.

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