Climbing (indoor)

Find your way to the top! Looking for a challenging activity? Then this is perfect for you! In a professional climbing gym, the instructor explains to you how can safely reach the top. After that the real work begins. Secured by your colleagues you will have to keep going up.

Various locations in the Netherlands


During this clinic, you will learn to climb and use the various basic techniques of indoor climbing, so you know how to get up quickly and safely. This by using the proper technique, insight and strength. Furthermore, you will learn how you to secure. You will be guided by an enthusiastic instructor.

(Indoor) Climbing as corporate outing

A indoor climbing clinic is ideal as corporate outing, because it is a good teambuilding and trust activity. You need to work together and trust eachother. Very suitable as corporate outing, but also as group or team outing of friends getaway. This clinic is provided at different locations throughout the Netherlands. 


It comes down to a proper technique, insight and strength. And of course a little bit of luck and perseverance, because this activity is not for those with vertigo!

Who dares to take on this challenge?

Number of persons
From 8 to 100
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