Sailing for companies and individuals with or without overnight stay! Company outing sailing, sailing group outing or weekend sailing? We have several sailing charters where we can take a group of 100 people at a time.

Sailing Scheveningen


Sailing together is both an active and a relaxed activity. Feel the wind and enjoy your surroundings! Collaboration, personal challenge and fun are key to this sailing event.  Our passion for sailing is imminent!

Sailing as teambuilding activity

Collaboration, personal challenge, fun and team building are key for a sailing clinic. We love it to carry our passion for sailing to you about. Come enjoy sailing in Scheveningen or Zeeland!


We have a charter of 15 meters which has all the conveniences, comfort and safety features one can expect. We will sail out into the Delta and the North Sea region. You can either choose to participate in the sailiing yourself or to chill and be served while you enjoy nature. The possibilities are limitless so please contact us and we will provide a quotation.

Number of persons
From 6 to 100
3 hours

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