Minute to win it

A great game based on the world famous TV Show. 60 seconds per challenge of your skills. A big variety of small games with different levels of difficulty.

Minute to win it!

Compete with your friends, family or friends. You play this game in different teams against eachother and therefore minute to win it is a real teambuilding activity. Also, this is perfect as team outing, friends getaway or corporate outing. This hilarious activity can be played at various indoor locations. 

 Ready Spaghetti

Workshop minute to win it 

This workshop will be accompanied by a professional instructor. You need to keep concentrated to win this game. This games will be more difficult all the time. It is a real competition. If your team gets the most point, you will win. In advande you won't know what the games will be, so everything is possible. 

Minute to win it 

Would you like to know what to expect? Check out the video below to get a first impression! 

Number of persons
From 10 to 100

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