Laser Claypigeon Shooting

Laser Pigeonschooting, Sensational, Safe and above all sustainable. In an exiting competition you will hunt for the best score! Its like duckhunt in real life!!

Laser clay pigeon shooting

sensational, safe and also environmentally friendly. In an exciting competition you go hunting for clay ducks. With 5, 10, 15 or even 20 participants at the same time you will be introduced to four different game forms. The challenging clay pigeon shooting activity is suitable for every age and can also be used on water or even in the dark.

Claypigeon shooting

can be booked as a meeting break or in combination with other activities. Up to 30 people can enjoy this accessible activity in an hour-long program. Due to the number of shooting points, we recommend combining laser clay pigeon shooting with a second beach activity for larger groups.

inanimate Bird Shooting, Skeet shooting

(For safety reasons this event can only be held on private property)


Number of persons
From 5 to 25
Weapons, Lasers and Clay Pigeons

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