Beach Volleyball Glow in the Dark (indoor)

Glow in the dark (beach)volleyball is volleyball in a pitch black area, where both, the playing field and the balls are marked by black-light strips which become visible through the use of black-light lamps.

Beach Volleyball glow in the dark (indoor) 

This exciting and fun activity is in an indoor sports hall and in a indoor beach location. We organize a (beach) volleyball tournament where everyone can show by glow in the dark securities. A hilarious activity for everyone who likes something new and unique!

Glow in the dark beach volleyball

Glow in the dark beach volleyball seems like just beach volleyball, but it's so much more! Now you're playing beach volleyball in the dark. Everyone can make themeself visible on the field by using glow-paint. This allows you to distinguish you frow other teams as much as possible. Glow in the dark beach volleyball can be played at Lindo Beach in Scheveningen. 

Beach Volleyball 

Glow in the dark beach volleyball is suitable for everyone. It's nice to do as a group outing, team outing or company outing. Join our event in November! 


Number of persons
From 41 to 100
Glow paint, decorate the venue and competition management

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