VR Room

Newest rage of 2019 Virtual Reality (VR)! Experience and experience the latest (business) getaway. Choose your own unique experience.

The VR Room on your own location!

Undergo the newest latest (business) getaway in Virtual Reality (VR)!

If you really want to do something new during your (business) outing, book the VR Room. Enjoy beautiful new experiences, play together or against each other and expand your limits. Do you want to go to space, walk among the dinosaurs, scuba diving, boxing, racing, shoot zombies or shiver between the ghosts? There are more than 50 options for your own challenging Virtual Reality experience.

Are you looking for something really unique? We are the only one in the Netherlands to proudly offer the award-winning Virtual Reality Laser Gaming, compete with your fellow players and see which team is the best!

What is VR

Virtual Reality - also known as VR - is a technology that will immerse you in a different (virtual) world when you put on the VR headset.

For whom?

VR is fun for everyone. For friends, for colleagues and for children. The VR Room provides an all-inclusive package to make your company outing, birthday, bachelor party, team building activity or event a huge success. Surprise your friends, acquaintances or colleagues with a Virtual Reality Experience! If you can’t come to us, we can also come to you with our VR equipment, so you can enjoy the newest VR experiences without the hassle of travelling.

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