Escape Room

This escape game is a "total challenge." Are you able to open five boxes? Before you know the time is up and the challenge will forever remain a mystery....

Can you escape? 

You're locked in a room together with your group... Around you, you see puzzles, numbers, letters and five cases. Share you knowledge, combine each other's qualities, because alone you won't escape. Use the attributes, looking for clues and execute commands to crack the code and open the final case. Nothing is wat it seems like.. Is it a hint, or is it just distraction. 

Communication is crucial during the escape game. To achieve the ultimate goal, it is very important to work together. By solving together several tasks, you can collect codes. You can find the tasks throughout the chamber. If you are able to open five boxes with these codes, you'll probably find the solution.


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Number of persons
From 6 to 25
Outdoor, Indoor

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