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Game Based Learning. A leadership game for your team! The game that teaches you insights of behaviour and communication and brings out your true and authentic style.

Game Based Learning

GBL is a tool which helps you to learn more about yourself and your team. The game is known to lower the barriers between teammembers and give them knowledge and skills to create better habits in their day to day working life. The parameters of the game can be adapted to your situation and environment.

Marshall's Gold, the leadershipgame for teams

This leadershipgame will let participants unconsciously put there 'socially desirable behaviour' to the background and let them show their true colors. Through this we'll get a clear insight in their authentic behaviour and fixed patterns.

After playing the game we have a extensive evaluation to reflect on the events of the game and our responses to them. We challenge participants to give honest and open feedback to themselves and their teammates.

Truly knowing yourself is the foundation of personal leadership. Being aware of your behaviour and comminicational styles in combination with recognizing competence, values, motivations and (obstructive) convictions will help you develop as a professional.

Marshall's Gold, Scrum & Agile

Are you looking for (or allready working with) the Scrum and Agile methodology, Marshall's Gold Game is the way to go. We'll be working with scrumteams which have to divide tasks and decide (game)strategy at a demanding pace.

The game has a challenging set-up which brings up unexpected situations, taxing demands and adapting rules. It is a fun way to gain insight on how you and your team respond to stressfull situations

Is how you think you respond when the stress level rises truly corresponding with your actions? What is contribution to a scrumteam and how agile are you really? Keeping a composed and complete overview will be challenging. Do you think you can manage? The game will show you. . .


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From 8 to 24

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