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Game Based Learning - Leadership game for your team! The game to show authentic behavior and to gain insight into behavior and communication.

Game Based Learning

Game Based Learning is game based learning. A game lowers the threshold and is controllable. It is an educational game, you gain insight and knowledge that you can use in normal (work) life.

Marshall's Gold, the leadership game for teams

With our leadership game, the socially desirable behavior is unconsciously pushed into the background by the participants and fixed patterns and authentic behavior emerge. The leadership game is a nice Game Based Learning to gain insight into behavior and communication in a quick and clear way. After the game, an extensive evaluation will take place, reflecting on what happened during the game. The participants are challenged to take a close look at their own actions and that of their fellow players. The basis of personal leadership is self-knowledge. Awareness of behavior and way of communication in combination with insight into competencies, values, motivations and (obstructing) beliefs ensures professional functioning.

Marshall's Gold, Scrum & Agile

If you are looking for a Scrum & Agile Game, Marshall's Gold offers it. We start by setting up scrum teams. The scrum teams have to divide the tasks and determine (game) strategy in a short period of time. During the game you have to deal with unexpected situations, taxes and rules. How do you work / act when the stress is increased? How do you work as a scrum team and how agile are you? What authentic behavior comes up? Can you keep an overview? A Game Based Learning game gives you insight into your own actions and how others work in stressful situations in a playful way.

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